Newborn photo session

Diana was born on Friday, 26 August 2016 at Queen’s Hospital in Romford at 7:05 am. When she was only two days old she has her first photo session. The next photo session at 3 weeks old when aunt Victoria and grandma came to visit. The third photo session was at 6 weeks old, and you can easily see how much she has changed. 8 likes

Second place in Deryck Clements B&W Print Competition

My image, named “In your face” ends up in the second place in the Deryck Clements B&W Print Competition hosted by the Romford Camera Club. My other two images scored a 9 out of 10 and an 8 out of 10. I have to admit that my print quality and mounting was not very good but overall I’m happy with the results. Please check out the 3 images I have entered in this competition and let me know which one do you like most? “In Your Face” “British Museum” “Follow the Light”   1 likes

Natural birth: Stages of childbirth and a video of a mom giving birth

Natural birth is a wonderful thing if you are men…or women with a high threshold to pain. My wife, Izabela, thought she is tough, however, it took her 2 days to give birth naturally to our daughter Diana. Each woman is different which means each birth process will be different but if you want to find out how it all happened … continue reading and watch the giving birth video at the end of this post. 8 likes

Natural birth: Stages of childbirth and a video of a mom giving birth

Amazing 7 days holiday in Thassos

Amazing 7 days holiday on the beautiful island of Thassos, Greece Day 1, Tuesday 25 August 2015: Transit from Romania-Bulgaria-Greece _ We’ve started our journey in Bucharest, at 3am in the morning. We’ve been delayed at Ruse because the bridge across Danube had some road works going on and only one way was in use. A 10 minutes crossing became 1h30min-waiting queue. We continued our route through Bulgaria to Thassos, our final destination. 3 likes

man jumping from the cliff into Giola, Thassos, Greece

Anti-austerity demonstrations in London

In London, thousands of people attended a rally outside the Bank of England before marching to the Houses of Parliament. 0 likes

Fun day at Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth beach is my favourite beach in the UK. The weather was crisp and windy that day at Bournemouth beach. The sun was coming in and out of the clouds and temperature was around 20 degrees celsius but felt like 16. The water was cold, but some people actually went for a swim. I didn’t. At 9am the beach was almost deserted, but we were determined to have a great day. 1 likes


Cass MSc Careers Fair 2014

Check out some the photos taken at The Cass MSc Careers Fair 2014. 0 likes

Christmas decorations 2014 in central London

Christmas decorations 2014 in central London I can’t make a comparison with previous years but will consider doing this in the future. I’ve started my walk from Oxford Street Station heading towards Marble Arch. If you don’t like crowded places then you should consider staying home. My first stop was outside John Lewis store. I wanted to capture Christmas decorations, and blur everything else. 1 likes

Remembrance 2014: The Prince of Wales pays tribute after laying a wreath

I have to admit that I had no idea that on that Sunday was Remembrance Day. For me and my friends it was a cold November Sunday when we decided to take our cameras for a spin in London. We’ve met at Oxford circus and after a short debate we were heading towards Piccadilly Circus. I decided to start with a long exposure shot of the famous Regent Street. 0 likes

Must see places in Romania

Must see places in Romania My holiday in Romania started catching up with friend in Galati. Before trying the “snake’s bite’ home made Romanian moonshine I had to ask for something to eat first. If I learned anything in life until now is that if you ever plan on drinking make sure you eat first! 0 likes

Kew Gardens – A corner of paradise in London?

Kew Gardens – A corner of paradise in London?  One day, I decided to go out without knowing exactly where I’m going. I took the central line thinking of going to White City because I had never been to that place. I launched Google Maps and browsed the area. I spotted Kew Gardens and my destination was clear. The second I made up my mind, the train stopped at Mile End Station so I quickly changed to the District Line train to Richmond. The first train was for Ealing Broadway so I decided to get off at Earl’s Court and wait for […]

Beacon Fell Country Park and St Annes Beach

Beacon Fell Country Park and St Annes Beach Not far from Preston is Beacon Fell Country Park. It consists of 110 hectares of woodland, moorland and farmland. The Beacon Fell summit is 266 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views of the Forest of Bowland and Morcambe Bay. I definitely recommend spending a few hours in this beautiful place. 0 likes

A Sunday afternoon in London

A Sunday afternoon in London If you live in London and the sun is out you must go out. This is what I did but it wasn’t easy. The temptation of watching TV was so big. I googled a few minutes to find something to do. I decided I’ll go to Tate Britain. I had a feeling that I will change my mind but I didn’t care, I just wanted a reason to go out. 0 likes