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259-2020 – Aerial view of Sacele City Centre

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is an aerial view of Sacele City Centre on a sunny day. The city since 1950 is composed of former villages which now form the main sectors: Baciu (Bácsfalu, Batschendorf), Turcheș (Türkös, Türkeschdorf), Cernatu (Csernátfalu, Zerndorf), and Satulung (Hosszúfalu, Langendorf). In the image above I mainly captured Cernatu. Like, comment & share! 1 likes

248-2020 – White House with the Red Rooftop

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about the white house with the red rooftop I see everyday from my kitchen window. Because our houses are located in a valley, most days the top of the hills are covered with a white blanket of clouds and this is the view I see quite often. Spectacular I would say! Another interesting fact is that the white house with red rooftop was the only house in the Doftana Valley in 2003, when my in-laws started the construction of their house. Now there are more than […]

235-2020 – Gulas

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about a traditional dish in Transilvania: Gulas Our neighbours invited us to join them for lunch and they cooked a wonderful Gulas with chicken and polenta. They made it in a crockpot hanging over a wooden fire. Delicious! The food was wonderful, but the homemade cognac topped it all. Smooth and aromatic. Like, comment & share! 1 likes

212-2020 – Bucegi National Park

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is an aerial image of Bucegi National Park in Romania. Initially we joined the queue to hop on the cable car from Busteni to Babele, about 2200 m altitude. After 1 hour in the queue, we realised that we were almost not moving, so we end up taking a taxi to “Cabana Piatra Arsa” via Sinaia. From there, it was a nice climb up all the way up to “Babele” aka “The old ladies” and “the Sfinx”. Like, comment & share! 1 likes

199-2020 – Harris Museum

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is a long exposure shot of Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library in Preston. Throughout the entire exposure, a person in an yellow T-shirt crossed the square from left to right in front of my camera. A yellow and orange wavy line has been recorded in the final image. Like, comment & share! 2 likes

198-2020 – Tom Finney

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about Tom Finney’s statue outside Preston North End Stadium in Preston. It looks better when the water fountain and the lighting is on. Sir Thomas Finney CBE was an English footballer who played from 1946 to 1960 as an outside left for Preston North End and England. He is widely acknowledged to have been one of the sport’s greatest-ever players. Like, comment & share! 1 likes

182-2020 – Great Deal

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, might be useful to you if your car is due for and MOT and Full Service, and looking for a great deal. Please note the * which basically means that most likely you will end up paying more. I paid £213 (when I booked it online) not £188 and the entire process took 2 hours not 1 hour and 30 minutes as advertised. Drop the car and wait or comeback when ready. The staff is very knowledgable and overall I had a pleasant experience. Definitely recommend the […]

072-2020 – Fashion Trends

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about “ Fashion Trends” in London, Spring 2020. I am not into fashion, but I spotted something unusual about these upcoming trends in Fashion – and I am totally unacceptable. Did you notice the same thing I noticed? If you too spotted the mask or the gloves, then you are wrong. I am totally ok with wearing a mask and gloves in March in London, but I don’t understand why she would need two bags? Like, comment & share! 1 likes

How to make a timelapse video (the easy way)

Timelapse Video The easiest way to make a timelapse video is to purchase a camera that has this function. Some people call it a time-lapse maker. One of the cameras which has this feature is Canon Powershot G16. I take this camera with me everywhere. With this camera, I capture most of my travel images and time-lapses. Check out my Backpacking Cuba blog post. Usually, I select the 120 minutes option when taking a timelapse. The best thing about it – no computer or specialised software needed. Watch my 10 seconds timelapse below or check out my Portfolio: Star trails […]

Time-lapse video of the night sky

Flying Mavic Air for the first time

I bought my DJI Mavic Air mainly because I wanted to be able to capture the world from a different vantage point and have another tool to help me create better videos. I also wanted my first drone to be cheap, portable, with good image quality, user-friendly and have decent battery life. The first time I flu my DJI Mavic Air drone was in Lodge Farm Park, Romford. After this flight, I was hooked. Since then, I got better at flying as you can see in these personal projects. 1 likes

Lodge Farm Park, Romford

Winter in Romania

Did you ever wonder how is winter in Romania? Winter in Romania is cold but when is snowing is very beautiful. Temperatures can go to -25 degrees Celsius or below. Snow is covering everything and when the sun shines is truly amazing. Houses are covered with a thick layer of snow, and long icicles are hanging by the gutters. 1 likes

What to see and do in Bath, England

Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. If you are planning to visit Bath, below are a few suggestions about what to see and do in Bath. 1. Rent a house close to the city centre My friends and I decided to spend the New Years of 2015 in this beautiful historic city. We rent a house close to the city centre, so we can be close to all the touristic attractions. One evening we collected all our smartphone into a jug, to avoid distractions and chat with […]

Fun day at Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth beach is my favourite beach in the UK. The weather was crisp and windy that day at Bournemouth beach. The sun was coming in and out of the clouds and temperature was around 20 degrees celsius but felt like 16. The water was cold, but some people actually went for a swim. I didn’t. At 9am the beach was almost deserted, but we were determined to have a great day. 1 likes


Must see places in Romania

Must see places in Romania My holiday in Romania started catching up with friend in Galati. Before trying the “snake’s bite’ home made Romanian moonshine I had to ask for something to eat first. If I learned anything in life until now is that if you ever plan on drinking make sure you eat first! 0 likes

Tower Bridge at night

Tower Bridge at night Trying to photograph a city scape after sunset it’s a bit tricky but not impossible. Most of today’s cameras are able to capture good photos even on auto but if you want better results you will need to: 3 likes

Kew Gardens – A corner of paradise in London?

Kew Gardens – A corner of paradise in London?  One day, I decided to go out without knowing exactly where I’m going. I took the central line thinking of going to White City because I had never been to that place. I launched Google Maps and browsed the area. I spotted Kew Gardens and my destination was clear. The second I made up my mind, the train stopped at Mile End Station so I quickly changed to the District Line train to Richmond. The first train was for Ealing Broadway so I decided to get off at Earl’s Court and wait for […]

Beacon Fell Country Park and St Annes Beach

Beacon Fell Country Park and St Annes Beach Not far from Preston is Beacon Fell Country Park. It consists of 110 hectares of woodland, moorland and farmland. The Beacon Fell summit is 266 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views of the Forest of Bowland and Morcambe Bay. I definitely recommend spending a few hours in this beautiful place. 0 likes

A Sunday afternoon in London

A Sunday afternoon in London If you live in London and the sun is out you must go out. This is what I did but it wasn’t easy. The temptation of watching TV was so big. I googled a few minutes to find something to do. I decided I’ll go to Tate Britain. I had a feeling that I will change my mind but I didn’t care, I just wanted a reason to go out. 0 likes

Amazing Cozumel Race

I was browsing through my old photos when I stumble upon these images from 2007 when I participated in one of the first Amazing Cozumel Race, initially called Race Fantastique Cozumel, but probably because not many people knew how to spell Fantastique, it has been rebranded accordingly. Find out more about this unique scavenger hunt experience on their website – 0 likes


Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya, Mexico used to be one of Carnival Valor’s stops on the western Carribean itinerary in 2006. The Cruise ships usually docked there when not able to dock somewhere else due to rough sea or because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Wilma and Emily in 2005. 0 likes

Atlantis Bahamas on Paradise Island

Atlantis is located on Paradise Island, Bahamas and was my favourite place to visit while working as Audio Visual Staff onboard Carnival Triumph. For over 3 years I travelled and filmed the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbeans. If you would ask me which all-inclusive resort I would choose to spend my family holiday, I would definitely recommend Atlantis Bahamas on Paradise Island, without hesitation. In 2006, I was working onboard Carnival Valor when I visited Atlantis again with my parents. 0 likes

Memories from Saint Martin

These are some of my memories captured mainly with my first DSLR camera, an Olympus E-500, in and around Saint Martin – a small island in the northeast Caribbean Sea. At the time (2005-2006), I was working onboard the Carnival Valor as Audio Visual Staff. Open Deck, Carnival Valor Golden Eagle Catamaran, Saint Martin 0 likes