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Is DJI Mavic Air still worth it?

I purchased my DJI Mavic Air, Fly More Combo in May 2018 and I like it a lot. 0 likes Related posts: Flying Mavic Air for the first time Coalhouse Fort at sunset 158-2020 – Heavy rain 086-2020 – Fishing pegs in the garden 095-2020 – Buckle Up 096-2020 – Sunday BBQ 105-2020 – Hand in Hand 106-2020 – NHS 116-2020 – Dandelion Seedhead 126-2020 – Stickers 127-2020 – Forests on the Moon? 137-2020 – Visit Southend on Sea 138-2020 – Relaxed Lockdown 148-2020 – Caribbean Authentic Food 157-2020 – Keeping the balance 076-2020 – Bird on a fence 168-2020 […]

is DJI Mavic Air still worth it

Coalhouse Fort at sunset

Coalhouse Fort is an artillery fort in the eastern English county of Essex and occupies a strategic location on the north bank of the River Thames, fronted by a moat and saltmarshes. It was built in the 1860s to guard the lower Thames against seaborne attack. It stands at Coalhouse Point on the north bank of the river, at a location near East Tilbury that was vulnerable to raiders and invaders. 1 likes Related posts: Flying Mavic Air for the first time Taierea porcului de Craciun Filming a 3 days conference in London – the gear and software we use […]

Coalhouse Fort

Flying Mavic Air for the first time

I bought my DJI Mavic Air mainly because I wanted to be able to capture the world from a different vantage point and have another tool to help me create better videos. I also wanted my first drone to be cheap, portable, with good image quality, user-friendly and have decent battery life. The first time I flu my DJI Mavic Air drone was in Lodge Farm Park, Romford. After this flight, I was hooked. Since then, I got better at flying as you can see in these personal projects. 1 likes Related posts: Caernarfon Castle under attack Llamberis Lake Railway […]

Lodge Farm Park, Romford