Is DJI Mavic Air still worth it?

I purchased my DJI Mavic Air, Fly More Combo in May 2018 and so far I flew 13Hr30min after 80 flights in two countries.

What do I like about DJI Mavic Air?

  • Small, light and portable – under 450g
  • Decent built quality and compact design – the bag that comes with the Fly more Combo is really nice
  • 12 MP photo/ 4K video up to 100Mbps
  • Affordable – under £1000
  • 8GB internal storage (I forgot my microSDHC home once)
  • Quick modes, tripod and object tracking in particular
  • Radar compass when 3G/4G is not available
  • Return to Home button on the remote controller (useful when the preview image has stuck once – was very cold outside and gimbal pointing down 90 degrees)
  • I can control the drone with the remote controller if the phone battery suddenly dies (luckily I had the drone in sight and managed to land it safely)

What I don’t like about DJI Mavic Air:

  • Return to Home pop up box
  • Poor video/photo quality in low light situations
  • In less than 1 year the battery will last less than 10 minutes

What irritates me about DJI Mavic Air?

DJI Mavic Air firmware update

  • Frequent firmware updates
  • The camera’s clip-on cover is awkward  – already lost mine
  • Inserting/removing the MicroSD is fiddly

What I wish DJI Mavic Air would have?

  • A way to manage/format the MicroSD card without having to pair it first.
  • Automatic pairing to a certain device.
  • A small display built into the controller.
  • A better way to clamp the phone on the controller
  • USB-C port for charging as well as data transfer
  • More internal storage
  • Battery life could be better than 17 minutes
  • No horizontal crop when switching from stills to video mode
  • Log profile
  • Dedicated exposure control button
  • A better 4 bays charger design because is very difficult to put the batteries on the change in low light situations

For the full Mavic Air Specs –

Check out this amazing 4K video I captured with this ‘baby’ in the Lake District recently:


DJI Mavic Air Fly more Combo

In conclusion YES the DJI Mavic air is still worth it however I recommend getting the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo.

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