How to play YouTube in the background on iPhone

One of the shortfalls of watching YouTube on iPhone during a long commute is that you can’t minimise it and keep on listening while doing something else on the phone, like checking emails or reading the news without stopping the video.

Of course, YouTube wants you to watch their content and all the ads they play along with it because this is how they make money. If YouTube would be like Netflix I would understand that, but let’s be honest that most of the content on YouTube it is a talking head which rambles for +10 minutes to be noticed by the algorithm and hopefully becomes trending, getting more views and making more money in the process. The more polarising the topic the more people will get involved but usually, those topics tend to be with sensitive content and YouTube with demonising your video, so you get paid nothing.

Anyways, this video is not about YouTube and their business model but a workaround to still be able to listen to YouTube in the background.

One way to do it is to the download Opera Mini Web Browser from App Store, open it and search ‘’ in its address bar instead. You will be redirected to the mobile version of YouTube, from there you can search and play your preferred video. Next, you will need to press Home button – the YouTube will stop playing, but when you go to the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (Top right-hand corner on iPhone X), you can resume playing YouTube from there. Now, go back to Home screen and start your News App or Email App and enjoy using it while listening to your video in the background. If you will try to play another video in these apps then your YouTube video with stop and will have to start from the top.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Let me know if you find this workaround useful in the comments section below.