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064-2020 – Passionate teaching

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, was taken during another live passionate teaching session at CASS Executive Education. Like, comment & share! 1 likes Related posts: 063-2020 – Teaching in progress 006-2020 – 110 Fenchurch Street 007-2020 – The Big Bang 016-2020 – Leading Lines to St Paul’s Cathedral 017-2020 – Sleeping Beauty 026-2020 – Learning to drive 027-2020 – Leading lines to St Paul’s Cathedral on a cloudy day 037-2020 – St Paul’s Cathedral in the morning sun 044-2020 – Sunset over East India 045-2020 – Holly Trinity Church 052-2020 – Spring […]

063-2020 – Teaching in progress

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is one of the many images I’ve taken while teaching was in progress at CASS Executive Education, while supporting one of their programmes. I have chosen this image on purpose because of its focus on the lecturer’s hand holding a marker in the foreground and the blurred background, creating a layer of mistery and curiosity to the image. Like, comment & share! 1 likes Related posts: 064-2020 – Passionate teaching 001-2020 – Midnight Fireworks 002-2020 – Waiting for the train 012-2020 – Sunday Steak 022-2020 – 5 […]

031-2020 – Teatime

Today, everyone in the office at CASS Business School stopped working and gathered together for a short tea break. I believe it’s a great idea and an easy team building activity everyone should try at least once a week. So, day 31 photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020” is this top-down image of our table setup right before the first slice of cake has been cut. Like, comment & share! 1 likes Related posts: 004-2020 – Mic check 005-2020 – English Holly Hedge 014-2020 – The Walkie Talkie Building under the moonlight 015-2020 – […]

New Donor Board Unveiled at Cass Business School

Cass marked a significant moment in its history as it unveiled a brand new Donor Board honouring those individuals and organisations who have supported the school, dating back to the 1960s. 0 likes Related posts: Cass MSc Careers Fair 2014: Event photography The Mais Lecture 2012 London Marathon 2014 Backpacking Cuba | Step by step instructions and tips for an unforgettable holiday Anti-austerity demonstration in London Thassos Holiday: Amazing 7 days holiday in Thassos Winter in Romania Liam and Sarah’s Wedding at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Colchester How to photoshop a face onto another body (step-by-step and video) 001-2020 […]