This is how I take 360 degree photo spheres with my iPhone

If you want to be able to take 360 degree photo spheres like mine, please follow the 5 easy steps below.

Equipment and software required:

Camera: iPhone 6S (you might be able to use any smartphone/tablet with IOS or Android OS)

Software: Google Street View

Step 1

Download Google Street View from Apple’s App Store and Open it.

Step 2

Press the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, then Camera again.


Step 3

Hold the phone vertically and target the orange dot, rotating in a circle until I cover the full sphere.

Step 4

When complete, the orange check mark will become green and the app will start stitching the set of images into a 360 photo sphere, which will look like this in the camera roll (see image below).

Step 5

Publish them to Google Street View, Facebook (see below images) or a blog post like this one if I choose to.


Ideally, I choose a location where the floor and the ceiling is uniform like grass and sky.

I take my time when targeting the orange dot, especially if is not enough light in the room, otherwise, some images will come out blurry and stitching will not work properly.

I look for a large room with high ceilings and lots of light or an open area like a square or park where I can stand in the middle.

I avoid standing too close to a building, or straight lines in general because the stitching doesn’t work very well. I am happy with at least 5 m/16 ft clear and uniform space around me.

You will also need a google/facebook account.

Feel free to check out some of my 360 degree photo spheres below:

Mayfield Lavender Farm

Isle of Sheppey

Grand Place, Brussels

Lloyd’s building, London

Walkie Talkie Building, London

College Building, City, University of London

Saint Michaels’s Cave, Gibraltar

Rathaus Park, Vienna

Mercado Navideno de Brujas

Cass Executive Business, Cass Business School

St Paul’s Cathedral, London



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